Drama ensued at the Jeff Mwathi grave site as locals demanded to be included in the exhumation and fresh postmortem process. The deceased, Jeff Mwathi, had been buried one month ago, and the exhumation process was meant to gather more evidence in the ongoing murder investigation. However, tensions rose as more people gathered at the site, demanding to be part of the process.

Initially, the detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations had attempted to stop the exhumation process until the media and locals who had stormed the site were dispersed. The situation, however, escalated quickly as the crowd became agitated, and it became clear that the process could not proceed without their involvement.

Martin Nyabuto, the head of Homicide Department at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, was spearheading the process, with Chief Pathologist Johansen Odour conducting the postmortem. However, the crowd insisted on being part of the process, citing mistrust in the authorities.

Despite the tensions, efforts were made to calm the crowd, and eventually, a compromise was reached. The locals were allowed to observe the exhumation process from a distance. This move was meant to ease tensions and restore trust between the authorities and the community.

The exhumation process proceeded smoothly, and new evidence was gathered, which would be crucial in the ongoing investigation. The locals who had initially stormed the site were grateful for being allowed to participate, and many expressed satisfactions with the outcome.

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