Kikuyu gospel musician, philanthropist and businessman speaks on what transpired in Dubai during Samidoh show upon jetting in to the country.

Speaking to local news outlets at the airport, Karangu Muraya confirmed that he was an uninvited guest at the Samidoh live concert in Dubai but his fans who were attending the show requested for his performance.

“I was relaxing where I had been booked for the night but I got bored and decided to join my friends…  Kenyans asked me to perform when I appeared even though I was not on the list of those who were to perform… The drama that happened there did not distract me as you all saw,” Karang’u said.

Karung’u Muraya also confirmed that he values his family and that’s why he came with the day flight so that he can be in a position to see his wife and three kids. Responding to his family life questions, he said that he does not like discussing his family life in the public.

“The reason why I have come during the day is because I miss my family and I would not have wanted to come at night when they are asleep… The reason why I protect my family is because I work day and night to provide to them. I also don’t like discussing my family or other people’s families in the public,” added Karangu.

Shortly after declining to talk about his family life, Karangu warned cyber bullies of peddling lies that might break families or make people perceive someone wrongly.

‘Cyber bullies have costed me a lot. Sometimes it is hard to convince my families that some of the things they read on social media platforms are not true but one one way or the other they understand… This is why I always tell cyber bullies to write truthful things instead of lies,” Karang’u rebuked cyber bullies.

The gospel musician also praised his wife for being understanding and not buying not buying propaganda from online bullies.

“God gave me an understanding wife. Somethings that people talk about never bother her. We talked and agreed to focused to things are that important to us and our children,” he praised his wife.

Speaking of challenges in his music career and philanthropic work, Karangu Muraya noted that it is not easy but God has given him grace to always emerge victorious.

“Frankly speaking, it is not easy doing music and philanthropic work all together. Even there is a musician who recently sang that blessings attracts criticism and hatred. But despite the fights that are being directed to me, he gives me grace and I always emerge victorious,”

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