Did you know that in every ten seconds that pass, one individual is diagnosed with chronic Hepatitis adding to the current statistics of 354 million who live with chronic liver disease in the world?

For those who might not be aware of what Hepatitis is, it is a liver disease mainly caused by Hepatitis viruses, i.e. Hepatitis A to E viruses. There are however instances where Hepatitis disease can be caused by alcoholism and autoimmune responses.

Liver is a critical organ in our body that performs not less than 500 processes in a day to keep us healthy, an infection in the organ can be life-threatening and should be taken seriously.

Though all the Hepatitis Viruses, A to E, are capable of causing the disease, the most common viruses are Hepatitis B Virus and Hepatitis C Virus. One can contract either of the viruses by coming into contact with food or water that has been contaminated with the virus and through body fluids such as vaginal secretions, blood and semen.

One suffers from Autoimmune Hepatitis when the immune system recognizes liver cells as foreign materials in the body initiating immune responses. This leads to liver inflammation and part of the liver cells damaged.

Alcoholic Hepatitis is a type of Hepatitis that is caused by excessive consumption of alcohol that ends up destroying liver cells and sometimes it is associated with Liver Cirrhosis and failure. This type of hepatitis can also be a result of misuse of medication and exposure to toxins.

Though Hepatitis signs and symptoms are not white and black; sometimes they only manifest when there is significant damage to the Liver, some of the early signs include yellowing of skin and eyes, pale stool, dark urine, fatigue, flu like symptoms and unexplained weight loss.

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