Increased cancer cases and high treatment cost has been sending chills down the spines of many Kenyans.

Cancer which is treatable in it’s early stages has remained to be a hard nut to crack because it does not manifest physically in it’s early stages. However, if detected in the early stages, treatment becomes a walk in the park.

Though the major causative agent of cancer is yet to be established, scientist worldwide have been working around the clock to come into a conclusion. So far, scientists have grouped certain chemicals as cancer causative agents, carcinogenic, and also some genetic changes.

Most of the chemicals listed as carcinogenic materials are chemicals that people interact with on daily basis.

The waste that you step on as you get back home from your work place, the air that you breath or the chemicals that you use at your work might be containing cancer causing chemicals.

Radioactive rays such as X-Rays and Gamma Rays among many other rays are also known cancer causing substances.

Both Carcinogenic chemicals and radioactive rays cause cancer by changing the genetic configuration and inducing uncontrolled cell proliferation.

It is easier to treat cancer during early stages because uncontrolled cell growth is stagnant in specific organs. With time, it becomes hard to treat cancer because the cancerous cells spreads to other body parts.

For fear of cancer, Kenyans are reverting back to organic remedies that have zero chemicals.

Scientists have however advised the government and parliamentarians to put policies into place in fight against cancer.

By Cornelius Murimi

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