President Ruto has vowed not to allow Al Shaabab reverse the gains gained in fight against the terror group over the years in the region.

Speaking with France 24 journalist, Ruto noted that the terror group is trying to create an impression that they will take over the East African region with their intense activities.

“They are trying to create an impression that they will take over the region but we will not allow them,” President Ruto said.

Ruto was speaking at time when Kenyans have been questioning the motive behind opening of the various border points between Kenya and Somalia.

The move has been blamed for the escalated terror attacks in the country, especially in North Eastern Kenya, where at least twenty security officers have died in less than month.

Responding to the criticism, the President noted that opening the border was the best move. He also said that the problem with Al Shaabab terror group is that they have to be confronted and threaten the terror group with a stern warning of sending a clear message of not allowing them reverse the gains made against terrorism in the region.

“Reopening the borders was and is still the right decision because the challenge with Al Shaabab is that we have to confront it and we have a chance to defeat them,” he added.

This explains why Kenya has been conducting numerous air strikes in some parts of Juba, Somalia killing dozens of Al Shaab with the recent air strike conducted by Kenya Defence Forces being Saakow where several Al Shaabab fatalities were reported.

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