Miriam Wamuthungu is among the fastest growing gospel artists in the Kikuyu gospel industry. The grief that engulfed the family recently following the sudden death of her husband acted as a staircase. Her well composed poetic gospel music has been received well in the gospel arena.

Ostensibly, the mentioned hit has gone beyond the 4 corridors of her specified kingdom ministry. Out here in events, gigs and other ceremonies, attendees break the monotony in the mention of the symbolic biblical Dove but it is now the song `Ihuru’.

In his creative context, Miriam Wamuthungu quotes a biblical narrative where God used a dove when his loyal people in Samaria faced drought. The debut song done by Kiengei media has been of great Inspiration to the heartbroken and those seeking hope in the most difficult moment. Miriam Wamuthungu says that there exist many ways that God uses to reach out to those who seek him in truth and spirit. She doesn’t categorize the moment regardless of a painful scenario or while in joyous mood.

In a very critical stanza, Wamuthungu tells of how the Israelites had to seek the hand of God urgently in readiness to cross the red sea. Despite the wrangles and unnecessary confrontation, God himself created a lee way at the Red sea. A major appearance in spirit.

Miriam Wamuthungu released yet another song which is one week old dubbed ` Rwaro rwa Ihiga’. So far it has surpassed 250K views being her second release. She accurately demonstrates how Moses miraculous stick bettered the lives of Israelites in the wilderness. In another similar hopeful message, Miriam cites that leadership is birthed in pain. She tells of how life experience has moulded her to date and in it the blessings of God upon her have been rendered at a cost.

Her star has been of great benefit and her two single debuts have been the talk not only in her kingdom assignments but also in crucial church occasions. As the ministry continues to expand and bearing positive impact.


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