Provost Wainaina hails President Uhuru Kenyatta for not using the altar for political mileage. Wainaina who has been a consistent critic of the government hailed Uhuru respect for the churches during international church and politics summit 2021.

The provost quoted this year National Players day where President Uhuru Kenyatta only focused on the agenda of the day and even endorsed the speaker of the day speech ignoring his deputy provocations to engage him in petty politics.

This hailing comes in a time when the church is embattled with claims that it is entertaining corruption by hosting politicians accused of looting public resources and giving a share of the loot proceeds in churches.

The allegations started by RT Hon Raila Omollo Odinga who even accused churches of laundering money for politicians. Provost Wainaina who hailed Uhuru for not politicking in church has been very categorical on politics on the alter. At one point, the provost was attacked by politicians after he declared All Saints Cathedral altar as a no go zone for politician.

Kenyans of sober mind have also accused the churches of politically aligning themselves instead of taking care of God’s sheeps. This has made the church lose quite some of it’s following.




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