You are suffering from Hemorrhoids because you overstay in the toilet.

At one point in our lives, we have either suffered from hemorrhoids or a close person to us had a painful experience with the swollen veins near the anus.

Many don’t know, they are the architects of their own pain and blame hormonal imbalance among many other things for causing them hemorrhoids.

What is hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins located in the rectum or the lower part of the colon. The swollen veins protrude in the outer part of the anus and are visible with naked and they are of bean size.

People suffering from hemorrhoids can have rectal bleeding accompanied by endless pain. Itching is also very common.

What causes hemorrhoids?

This will be shocker to many who believe that hemorrhoids are caused by hormonal imbalance. The swollen veins in the rectum are caused by flow and accumulation of blood in the rectum veins making them swollen.

Sitting in the toilet bowl for more than ten minutes is one of the leading causes of hemorrhoids. According to medical experts, sitting in the toilet for more than ten minutes allows blood to accumulate in the rectum veins making some parts of the veins develop to hemorrhoids.

Though common in elderly people, it is estimated that three out of four adults develop them once in a while in their lives. Pregnant women who experience frequent constipation and diarrhea during their pregnancy are also at a high risk of developing them.

How to avoid Hemorrhoids?

One of the most effective and efficient way to avoid them is being eating food rich in dietary fiber from wheat flour and other cereals as long as they don’t have excess sugars.

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