Gospel musician Ringtone drops a bombshell to Eric Omondi just a few days after the comedian claimed that the gospel musician sleeps with three women per day.

The embattled gospel musician was speaking to content creator and youtuber, Mungai Eve when he responded to Eric Omondi and made the revelations.

Ringtone was responded to remarks made by Eric Omondi in a video that went viral across all the socials. In the video, Eric Omondi was calling upon gospel artists to go back to their calling and start composing and releasing gospel music.

Among the musicians mentioned in the viral video included: Ringtone, DK Kwenye Beat, Bahati, Jimmy Gait, Mercy Masika among many others.

Comedian Eric Omondi accused Ringtone of sleeping with three women per day, one in the morning, the second one at lunch time and the third one during super. He termed such behaviors coming from gospel musicians as immoral.

“Sasa mumeacha gospel industry watu kama Ringtone Apoko – a friend of mine who I know his place and I know what he does from Thursday to Sunday. He changes women like clothes. Ringtone analala na waschana watatu per day. The most immoral people in Kenya are former gospel artistes,” Eric Omondi attacked Ringtone.

In his response, Ringtone shrugged off the claims by the comedian and accused him of being used by people intending to make money in the gospel industry. He also claimed that there is no one on other who can sleep with three women in a day as alleged by Eric Omondi.

“Ambaye Eric Omondi amesema ju yangu kwamba mimi ninawalala wanawake watatu kila siku – mmoja breakfast, mmoja mwingine lunch time na mwingine super. Yani nakula wanawake, nawalala kama chakula. Tatizo langu ni moja, nani anaweza muamini Eric Omondi” Ringtone defended himself.

Ringtone also responded to Eric Omondi claims that he does not live in Runda and requested his fans not to believe the comedian who is after destructing his name and that of other Gospel artists.

“Wakati Eric Omondi anaamka anaambia Wakenya Ringtone haishi Runda na ninaishi Runda. Ringtone amefukuzwa Runda, nipo. So musimuamini. Musimuamini Eric Omondi. Eric Omondi mi kwangu naona ni kama anatumiwa either na watu ambao wanataka kutake advantage ya shida iko kwa gospel wapate pesa ama Eric Omondi anatumiwa na shetani mwenyewe,” he added.

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