Hundreds of students in the country across all the 47 counties have no words to thank President Uhuru Kenyatta for his kindness in admitting them to The Kenyatta Trust, a non-profit organization that samples young people for sponsorship in secondary education and subsequently in tertiary education.

Currently, the organization spearheaded by President Uhuru Kenyatta has over 400 students in school and with over 1000 Kenyans as beneficiaries of the personal initiative.

The Kenyatta trust highlights how President Uhuru Kenyatta was concerned and battled the rate of school drop outs in his constituency and Kenya at large. Uhuru was left with no other alternative other than starting a personal initiative to educate the less privileged in the society.

During 2013 presidential campaigns, Lilian Gacheri, narrated to the Star how her encounter with President Uhuru Kenyatta transformed her life and gave her an opportunity to complete her education to the university level.

Lilian Gacheri told the star that on the day she met her new father, President Uhuru Kenyatta, she had been kicked out of school over school fears arrears of over Ksh 60,000. Unknowingly, she attended 2013 presidential campaigns in Chuka with school uniform and as she tried to maneuver her way to the frontline, guards tasked with controlling crowds restrained her.

Luckily, President Uhuru Kenyatta who at that point was seeking to be elected as the fourth president of the republic of Kenya noticed her.

When the rally was over, the same guards that were restraining Lilian Gacheri were tasked to bring her to the Uhuru’s car.

Lilian narrated to Uhuru has ordeals not expecting much from him while Uhuru noted her details on a piece of paper and told her to go back to school.

Photo File: President Uhuru Kenyatta

On that night, Lilian sneaked back to the school and on the next day the principal called her and informed her that her school fees and been fully paid and she had been enrolled in The Kenyatta Trust.

Moses Etoot is another Kenyan whose future was saved by Kenyatta Trust. Moses Etoot hails from a humble family of four in Turkana is currently a petroleum engineering student in China.

He managed to emerge second in Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. As a result of his exemplary performance, he was called to join Bungoma High but financial crisis could not allow him.

For a whole year he fundraised door to door but only managed to raise Ksh 6,000, which would have only catered for bus fare.

Heart broken and dreams shuttered, Moses Etoot, made up his mind to join St Leo Kakuma school which was under catholic church, only for him to receive a call few days later from a lady he had met during the fundraising with an opportunity of joining Kenyatta Trust sponsorship.

To Moses Etoot, this was a dream come true. He could not believe after losing hope, he would still get a chance to join his dream school, Bungoma High.

Hundreds of young Kenyans have similar stories to tell on how President Uhuru Kenyatta became their second God sent father and empowered them in their career journey.

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