Kiambu Man narrates how his wife left him with two kids, one who is disabled, after several incidences of infidelity.

Peter Karanja, his real names, narrated his story on a show hosted by kikuyu journalist Baruthi wa Thayu, who runs a youtube channel named Baruthi wa Thayu TV.

How Peter Karanja Met His Wife

Peter Karanja started by telling his host how he met his ex-wife while he was working in one of the entertainment joints around Ruaka.

His ex-wife, whose name he did not mention, used to be a frequent visitor at the butchery where he was employed. After several visits, Peter was attracted to the customer due to her beauty and at one point she asked for her phone number.

A few days later, Peter called her and proposed a meeting. The two agreed that they would meet on Saturday when she would be coming to buy meat.

Unfortunately for Peter, on that day he was ordered by his supervisor to go for a 24 hours shift because the entertainment joint was experiencing a shortage of labor and being a Saturday, it was expected they would have an influx of revelers in need of his services.

Her beautiful girlfriend to be, kept the promise and showed up on Saturday evening. After a chit chat, Peter requested her to take him to the house to pick his jacket because he was supposed to be on night shift that day.

Peter later that evening learnt that the girlfriend was a house manager in one of the neighboring estates after her boss kept on calling her since she had the house keys and had left the children locked inside the house. He requested her to switch off the phone so that no one would disrupt their merry making good times.

Neither Peter, nor her newly found girlfriend went back to their workplace that evening. And as any boss would do, the two were fired on the same day for failing to report on duty.

Karanja’s First Born

The two started living together from that day hence forth until a year later in 2011 when she conceived and delivered a child suffering from cerebral palsy. It is then that their marriage started facing storms.

Peter Karanja’s Second Born

Unexpectedly one year later, the wife conceived and informed her husband Peter that she was not ready to deliver a second child since the burden of the first one was already draining her. The two conspired and laid out plans on how the second pregnancy would be terminated.

They visited the hospital where their plan to terminate the pregnancy was to be carried out but after she was injected with anesthesia, God spoke to Peter warning him of what they were about to do. According to Peter, God told him if they terminated the pregnancy, their first kid who was suffering from cerebral palsy will never walk.

Following the revelation, Peter quickly intervened and told the doctor who was to carry out the pregnancy termination to abort the mission. Attempts by his wife to convince him hit a dead rock and the two went back home with the pregnancy intact.

In 2013, after the delivery of their second born the wife ran way but she came back home following several interventions. This became the norm of their marriage life. The wife would sometimes run away leaving Peter with the two kids to take care of them.

Karanja as an Evangelist.

At some point, Peter Karanja gave his life to Christ and after serving for a couple of months he was ordained as an evangelist of the Anglican Church of Kenya. His wife was not however happy with his new role. She even discouraged him by telling him that he should work on his family first before thinking of becoming an evangelist.

Peter sought help from his church’s reverend and he was advised to do a church wedding which was conducted in a span of one week for him to assume his new as soon as possible.

It is at the wedding ceremony that he started to note some weird behaviors from his wife. On the wedding day, the wife would sometimes decline to hold his hand. At some point she started undoing her wedding gown, an occurrence that really bothered Peter. He however let it pass for the sake of his marriage.

Karanja’s Honey Moon

Their disastrous wedding culminated with a honey moon in Mombasa that almost broke the marriage covenant as soon as it had started.

During one of their days in Mombasa, Peter’s ex-wife excused himself to go to the swimming pool to cool off the high temperatures. What he did not know is that his wife and a mother of two had gone to make merry with one of the trainers.

When her ex-wife overstayed in the pool, he went to look for her. When he got to the pool, he could not believe what his eyes had seen. He found the wife he had just wedded deeply kissing the trainer. According to Peter, the kiss lasted for at least five minutes.

Heartbroken Peter wrapped her with a towel and took her to the room they had booked. He apprehended her and asked why she did that. She however told Peter that she was not ready to get married and asked him if they can just revoke their marriage.

Peter, with the hopes of building a family and raising their two children together, she begged her to stay and forget what had just happened. On his part, he promised never to remind her that incident again.

After the honey moon, his ex-wife started getting home late while drunk. This really bothered him but he let it pass for the sake of family and children.

Karanja Bursts His Wife Cheating Leading to a Separation

In 2016, Peter who was still an evangelist in an Anglican Church attended Evangelists Mission in Mombasa. During the second day of the evangelists’ mission, he felt the urge to go back home. He packed his clothes and went home only for him to find his wife with a police officer in his house naked. This really bothered him and he opted to go back to Mombasa for the evangelists’ mission where he rented a different room and spent most of his time crying.’

During the conference, he drafted a resignation letter and handed it over to the presiding bishop. The bishop did not read it since he was in a hurry to leave.

After the evangelists’ mission, he went back home where she confronted him on his audacity to go back home after all that he witnessed.

Following the incident which she was caught cheating, she was really determined to leave the marriage and Peter spent the next three months begging her to stay. After three months she left with the two kids which she took to Murang’a County. The kids were taken to not so well off grandmother.

Shocking Update on the Welfare of his Children

Six months later, Peter received a call from his brother in law on the farewell of his children. The brother in law accused him of neglecting the children. Peter was however shocked after he received a picture of his two children both infested with jiggers’ all over their bodies.

Concerned Peter, requested a taxi which he sent to Murang’a to go pick his children. Once in his custody, he took the two children to hospital where they were treated and the jiggers disappeared. He enrolled them in school as he continued with his work in clubs.

With time, juggling between his work and taking care of the kids became overwhelming and he opted to look for their mother. His intention was for them to work things out so that they can raise the two children together.

Reunion with his Ex-Wife

The two met in a club in Ruaka and in the process he got over drunk. Instead of going home, they opted to take a room where Peter found himself doing the unexpected, sleeping with his ex-wife without protection. The ex-wife however assured him that he was okay and had not contracted any disease. She also gave him an option of getting Post HIV exposure drugs if he doubted him. Peter decided it to pass.

Two weeks later, he received a call for his ex-wife. She was told him that they needed to talk urgently and Peter gave him an ear. Shockingly, she told him that she had conceived after they slept together two weeks ago. Peter however disassociated with the pregnancy but the ex-wife vowed to ensure that he took responsibility of the unborn child.

Peter Blessed with a Third Born

Nine months later, Peter received a call from his ex-wife’s friend hinting him on the plans she was putting in place. According to his ex-wife friend, the ex-wife was planning to take newborn to him after she left the hospital.

Peter informed his mother of the plans and she opted to visit the hospital where Peter’s ex-wife had been admitted. She was however shocked to find her missing and upon several inquiries, she was told that the woman who had been booked on that hospital bed escaped in the wee hours of the morning.

She informed Peter of the new developments and Peter rushed to the hospital where he cleared the bill. His mother insisted on how the newborn child was his look alike but he could here none of it. She volunteered to take care of the newborn and warned Peter of ever demanding custody of the rejected kid.

Peter took her mother home and as she left the car, he told her to place the kid on the co-driver seat. His mum got shocked and sought assurance of his commitment to take care of the days old kid and he assured her.

Since then Peter has been raising his three kids in absence of their mother. On several occasions landlords have kicked them out of their rented houses. He has also not managed to clear his house help pending wages which dates back to a few months ago.

Peter is now seeking help from people of good will to help him enroll his three children to school and give them a decent living. According to him, they have suffered for the longest time possible and his intention is to have them live a decent life like other children.

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