Man charged in court for stealing Bible and phone from her girlfriend after he was denied sex.

A jilted lover was today arraigned in court for stealing a bible and a phone belonging to his girlfriend after he was denied sex.

According to court and police documents, one Peter Otieno stormed her girlfriend’s house and demanded she be served with food. Moments after she as served with breakfast, he started demanding for sex and a disagreement between the two ensued.

Angered for being denied sex by his girlfriend, Peter Otieno resulted to insulting her with unrepeatable words with the thought that she would give in to his demands.

Valentine Songore however stood firm but she was met with a hot slap for turning down Peter Otieno request to for sex.

Scared Valentine ran for her safety to a relative’s place. She returned home in company of the relative only for her to find her bible, phone and mat missing.

Attempts to reach out to Peter Otieno to return the stolen items were met with unending insults. In a bid to recover the stolen items, the two reported the matter to police and Peter Otieno was arrested.

After recovering the stolen items from his house, police arraigned in Makadara law courts where he pleaded guilty of being in possession of stolen items. He pleaded guilty while appearing before Senior Principal Magistrate, Mary Njagi.

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