Baby Sagini and his Sister Shantel Were Molested, Mike Sonko discloses.

Days after the Kisii kid was kidnapped for six hours and his eyes gouged out, medical results have revealed the torture Baby Sagini and his sister Shantel have been going through in the hands of those that are supposed to protect him.

Baby Sagini and her sister have been living with their father and grandmother in Kisii till when Sagini was kidnapped for six hours and later on dumped in the maize plantation with his eyes gouged.

Keys suspects including two of his relatives have so far been arrested and arraigned in court in relation to the incident as investigations into the matter continue.

New details have now emerged exposing the kind of torture the two kids have been going through in the hands of their guardians.

Through a series of tweets by the former Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko who had volunteered to fly Baby Sagini to China for high-class treatment, Mike Sonko unearthed the medical reports of the two siblings.

Though a bit reluctant and with advice from friends and close family members not to disclose the medical reports, Mike Sonko confirmed that he felt the need to let the world know the health status of the two siblings and expose how they were being mistreated.

“I actually don’t know where to begin coz I have consulted so many people on this they’re all telling me to make it confidential but I just have to let it out,” tweeted Sonko.

Sonko highlighted that Baby Sagini Sister, Shantel, who is aged 7 years came to the limelight following the kidnapping of his brother. The two were booked for medical checkups and unfortunately Shantel was confirmed sick and Sagini was diagnosed with an STD.

“Shantel who is only 7 years old, has also come into the picture through the information we earlier gathered today from the ground and upon further investigation and tests it has been confirmed that Shantel has been molested severally and is now “sick” Baby Sagini has also been sodomised and has tested positive for an STD which is being treated,” another Sonko’s tweet read.

Mike Sonko expressed his anger with the perpetrators of such heinous acts and questioned how they live after perpetrating such acts to innocent children.

“What kind of animosity is this? How do people live with themselves after such deeds to innocent children? I swear I will get to the bottom of this! Once again Hon. Japho, Madam Nyaramba and Hon. Osoro keep it up for the support you have been giving to these kids,” he concluded.



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