Performing artist Michael Bundi speaks on his journey with depression since his childhood and how the trauma made him attempt to commit suicide severally.

Michael Bundi who was speaking to content creator and youtuber, Mungai Eve, narrated how depression hit him at just five years and worsened when he joined secondary school due to bullying by senior students for wetting his bed.

“I grew up in a musical family but a violent one, stress and depression started as early as when I was just five years. It worsened when I got to high school and bullying was order of the day. I was being bullied because I was bed wetting. The bed wetting was happening as a result of the anxiety and fear that I had,” the performing artist narrated.

He also hinted how at one point he tried committing suicide by taking all the medication that he had but he was lucky to survive and was rushed to hospital for treatment.

“At one point, I took all the medicine that I had while in form one to commit suicide. I was rushed to hospital and hospitalized for overdose. It kept on happening, I overdosed for about times for the four years I was in Secondary school,” Bundi disclosed.

Bundi also accused his family for not being there for him when he needed the most. According to Bundi, they only listened to him after he went into a comma for two days.

“My family declined to listen to me until when I overdosed and was in a comma for two days. That’s when the entire family came together and decided to listen to me. Doctors also advised my family to transfer me from the school that I was studying,”

Bundi also narrated how God saved him during his last attempt to commit suicide. He had overdosed on some poison and fell asleep on for him to wake up in the evening and vomited the entire poison.

“The last attempt to commit suicide happen while I was in form four. I was really determined to commit suicide and I researched on how people had successfully done so. I found out that one of our neighbors had committed suicide by ingesting some chemicals, I bought what she used in double amounts and ingested it. I fell asleep and while I was sleeping, I had a dream of someone coming to my rescue as I drowned in the ocean. The person did CPR to me in the dream and I woke and vomited the chemicals that I had ingested. In the dream I also had a revelation that if I try to commit suicide again, I will die,” Bundi narrated how God saved him from death.

After battling depression for years with more than four failed suicide attempts, Bundi is now planning to open a foundation to help individuals battling depression.

“Aside from managing my son and taking care of him from anything that is happening, I plan to start an organization called Bundi for Africa. The organization will help people dealing with depression. This is because anytime a person goes through my page, they call and narrate to me how they are fighting o0depression and sometimes it is overwhelming. This is why I feel it is better to build an institution and get professional who can help so that people don’t suffer.”

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