A community that does not sweat as a result of a rare genetic condition is seeking recognition by the government of the republic of Kenyan.

Ilimanyang community based in a village known as Kapua neighboring shores of Lake Turkana. It is believed that the condition originated from an intermarriage between a Turkana man and woman from El Molo community in Marsabit leading to the birth Ilimayang community.

The sscary traits in Ilimayang are dry skin, zero hair on their heads and only two teeth in adult’s community members. Those with dry skims are forced to carry jerricans of water wherever they go to cool their skins.
Health experts have argued that the reason behind the dry skin is because their genes does not code for skin pores that release sweat and oils from skin glands making their body temperature go high a condition that forces them to seek for alternative ways to cool their skin.

School going children are left with no alternative other than carrying jerricans of water and dashing out of classes time to time to cool their skin with cold water.
Children also face low self-esteem because of having only two teeth compared to other children who have twenty to thirty-two teeth in the school.

Research has indicated that members of the community that moved away from the lake and intermarried with other communities have no indication of such scary traits and historical disorders.
Some members of the community believe that the traits are as result of curse spelled on them by a community based within Turkana after their warriors raided them, confiscated livestock and killed members of the said community many centuries ago.

The 39 member community is now requesting the government to recognize them as a tribe and accord them the necessary support towards fighting the disorders.



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