Gospel Artist Evelyn Wanjiru speaks on her childless journey of ten years and how she almost had a miscarriage in the sixth week of pregnancy.

Speaking to Youtuber and content creator Eve Mungai, Evelyn Wanjiru narrated her ten years of marriage with no child and how at first she was not bothered until when they celebrated their sixth marriage anniversary.

According to Evelyn Wanjiru, they were preoccupied with building their music production company in their early years of marriage and the need for a child did not bother them.

“Before I realized that I needed a child, my husband and I opened a studio. The studio distracted us from family life but five, six years later, I realized it was getting late. My husband was approaching 35 years and I was approaching 30 years,” said Evelyn.

Evelyn Wanjiru and hr husband at the hospital.
Photo Courtesy/Evelyn Wanjiru and hr husband at the hospital.

Evelyn started retracing her reproductive health history after attempts to conceive proved futile. It is then that she remembered a couple of years ago when she had just been married, she started missing her menstrual cycle for up to five months and whenever she did a pregnancy test, the results would be negative.

“Then I remembered after some time in marriage, I started missing my periods yet I was not under any contraceptive. I would miss my periods for four to five months and when I take pregnancy test it would test negative,” recalled Evelyn Wanjiru.

Evelyn narrated how it hit her hard in the seventh year of marriage and children were not coming. She opted to see a doctor who diagnosed her with hormonal imbalance and the inability of her ovaries to hold sperm for fertilization to take place.

“On the seventh year in marriage, it hit me hard that children were not coming and it is after this I opted to see a doctor who diagnosed me with hormonal imbalance and cited that my body was not in a position to hold sperms … I had to be put under medication. When I started my medication, it was quite overwhelming because I was taking them knowing that I was going to conceive and I was not conceiving,” she narrated.

She recalled how at one point she gave up and lost hope in the eighth year of marriage with no child yet she was under medication to balance her hormones and make her reproductive system conducive for fertilization and development of the fertilized egg.

“In the eighth year, I was like I am done. I gave up because six, seven, eight years down the line and on the ninth year I was still under medication with no signs of conceiving or pregnancy,” she emotionally recalled.

Evelyn also narrated how at one time in the ninth year they were to travel to Tanzania for a live performance with her husband. As a norm, together with her husband, they travelled to her father-in-law who was a reverend for prayers and as they left the father-in-law asked the name they were going to name their firstborn. He then told them to name him Mshindi because he is a winner. This caught them by surprise because they were not expecting a child at that time and there was no sign of pregnancy.

“In the year, there was a time we were travelling to Tanzania and any time before we travelled out of the country we always visited my father-in-law for prayers. This time round as we left, he asked us the name we should give our son and then proposed we name him Mshindi. This bothered us because we were not expecting a baby,” the gospel musician narrated.

Evelyn Wanjiru and her husband during pregnancy photoshoot.
Photo courtesy/Evelyn Wanjiru and her husband during pregnancy photoshoot.

A few months later, the gospel musician travelled to the united states and started to vomit during the US tour. The host pastor advised her to take a pregnancy test but she was a bit reluctant due to her reproductive health history. However, she did a pregnancy test the next day and she found out that she was pregnant.

When she travelled back to Kenya, her husband received her at the airport and after settling down, they visited their doctor who almost heart broke after the Ultra Sound scan revealed that her cervix was opening and she was at risk of losing her first pregnancy. She was put on bed rest and at the end of nine months, she delivered.

She is now a proud mother of one. However, she claims that motherhood is tough and has taught her to appreciate things she used to take for granted like sleep.

“Motherhood is a tough journey and an interesting one because every day you get to understand and learn new things. Previously, I was taking things like sleep for granted but if today I am given just 30 minutes to sleep, I will sleep like a baby.

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