Many people might have come across the word endometriosis either in the internet, from a friend or from a story in the mainstream media owing to the number of people who have been diagnosed with the chronic condition in Kenya and beyond but might not be aware of what the condition means to a person’s health.

Notable Kenya Women Who Have Suffered from Endometriosis.

Notable Kenyan women have come to the limelight and shared their journey of struggling with condition and how they conquered the condition. One of the women who have come out publicly to tell her story and sensitize the public about endometriosis is Njambi Kaikai.

Sometimes back, Njambi Kaikai was flown out of the country for treatment abroad after her situation worsened. After sometime she repatriated back to the country and currently she is sensitizing the public about the condition.

Other notable figures who have suffered from endometriosis include Carazon Kwamboka, Natalie Githinji of NRG Radio, media personality Janet Mbugua and Kenyan writer Wanjiru Kihusa. According to research, one in every ten women is likely to be suffering from endometriosis.

What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a common disease that can be termed chronic and affects women mostly in their reproductive age. The condition occurs when uterine lining tissue, commonly referred to as endometrium, grows outside the uterus and extends to either ovaries, the fallopian tubes, bowel, pelvis lining or the bladder.


Though the exact cause of the chronic condition is yet to be established, it is suspected that the disease is caused by a mix of hormonal, genetics and immune system factors. Women who hail from families with a history of endometriosis are always advised to do regular checkups for they are at a high risk of developing the disease. Those who have high levels of estrogen hormones are also at very high risk of having their uterus lining extend to other body organs.


Women suffering from endometriosis experience pelvic pain which can either be mild or severe. Their periods are also very painful. Others experience pain during copulation and some have painful bowel movements and pain during urination. Others might suffer from infertility.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Despite endometriosis being hard to detect, it is diagnosed through an invasive technology referred to as Laparoscopy. A qualified medic makes an incision on the abdomen and inserts a small camera through the incision. The camera looks for any endometrial tissue that has grown outside the uterus. Other techniques for endometriosis are Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Ultra Sound Scans.

Currently there is no cure for the condition but it is managed by a combination of several therapies depending on severity. The common medication is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that play a big role in easing pelvic pain. Hormonal therapy is also used to reduce and regulate menstrual cycle and also control endometrium tissue growth. Women with fertility issues may have to undergo surgery to remove the endometrium tissues to increase their fertility.

Debunking Myths

Over the years, many myths have been peddled about Endometriosis Chronic disease. Some say that endometriosis is just period pains, others allege that pregnancy cures the disease. While it is true that endometriosis mostly manifests during periods, a section of women experience painful sex and others bowel movement and infertility.

Though pregnancy temporarily reliefs pain, endometriosis still cause pain thereafter and in some occasions during pregnancy.

Other people argue that endometriosis cause infertility. While the concern is true, not all women who have the condition who end up infertile.

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