Deadly Spider venom that you fear might be the next source of your medication.

As the world continues to evolve, the field of science is evolving with it too and in the near future science will be part of our culture.

Spider bites are one of the most feared bites second to snake bites because of their deadly venom which immobilizes the target/victim. Spiders uses their venom to escape predators, capture their preys and also for defense mechanism.

The spider venom is now being widely used in research to exploit it’s uses both in the medicine and agricultural world. Some of the protein chains in the venom can be used as bio insecticides while others can be used in targeted medical therapies.

In the near future, the current set of medicinal drugs might be substituted by drugs generated from spider venoms. The venoms are being consider as a source of medicinal drugs first because of their potency and specificity when it comes to targeted medication unlike other medicine sources which causes severe side effects because as a result of off targets.

However, use of spider venoms in the medical field has been faced with many hindrances such the high cost of extracting spider venom proteins and limitations mass production of spider venom based drugs.

Some of the diseases that can be treated or managed by Spider venom proteins include: Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, parkininsons disease, various types of cancer, Diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction, paralysis management, chronic pain relieving, hypertension, vascular inflammation, retinopathy and chronic cerebral ischemia.

Additionally, some of the proteins extracted from the venom can be used in biological control of pests and insects in the agricultural sector. This can not only be cost effective but can also aide in controlling resistance to bio insecticides and in reduction of non-targeted insects such as pollinators.

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