Controversial lawyer Wahome Thuku has been honored by Kenyans for representing a victim of police brutality and bailing him out after 24 hours’ detention.

In what started as an attack to rogue police officers based at Makongeni Police Station after withholding are lorry belonging to an elderly couple ended with Mzee Christopher Mahiri Maroga begind bars for close to 24 hours.

It all started after a driver hired by Mzee Christopher failed to deliver the canter where it is supposed to spend the night and in the next day he alleged that the canter’s battery had been stolen.

Few days later, the driver ignited the car manually and but he was unfortunate and the car ended up in the hands of Makongeni Police             Station OCS. It is alleged that the lorry was impounded by the Makongeni Police Station officers at the entrance of a company that manufactures steel though the driver managed to escape.

Police officers towed the canter to Makongeni Police Station and they were allegedly asking for twenty thousand bribe for them to free the old mzee only means of income.

On Monday evening, Mzee Christopher went to request for the release of the lorry but his finger prints were taken and he was locked up behind the bars. The unfolding of the events irritated lawyer Wahome Thuku and vowed to follow the case until the retired mzee is served with justice.

On Tuesday morning, Christopher was presented before court and charged with breaking into a factory in Thika, stealing 157 pieces of metal and being found in possession of stolen goods.

Though he denied the charges, Christopher was released with a cash bail of Ksh 130, 000 which the controversial lawyer raised within two hours from his facebook followers who were following the case.

After bailing him out, Wahome Thuku shared some light moments with the victim at Thika town and offered to represent him pro bono until the case is concluded and justice is served.

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