Three Betty Kyalo photos with a bikini romper that have made men go gaga.

Betty Kyalo who is in Mombasa County for a working visit on Saturday afternoon posted three photos that left many admiring her.

The First Photo

She posed for the photos while at the shores of the beach wearing wearing a cream white bikini romper which revealed more than a three quarter of her soft thick thighs.

However, one of the captions on her photos hinted that she was crushing on her herself. According to the caption, she was wondering what is sweeter between the juice and herself.

“Out there wondering between the juice and the model/photographee who’s sweeter?

One of her fans and political communications expert Kanyango Githae told her that one can only determine what is sweeter between the two by tasting them.

“The sweetness can only be determined by tasting both.”

Another fan claimed that Betty is giving him sleepless nights.

Betty Kyalo in Mombasa
Photo Courtesy: Betty Kyalo – Betty Kyalo with a bikini romper revealing more than three quarter of her soft thick thighs.

The Second Photo

She captioned the second photo with a piece of advice to her followers. She advised her followers to enjoy life in whatever they do.

“Whatever you do, whatever situation, enjoy life. Also stick to legal things,” the post read.

In the photo, she was wearing the same bikini romper with her hand between the legs to conceal the honey pot. The placement of the hand did not however settle very well with a section of her followers.

Some advised her to remove the hand in the comment section. One of the fans opined that her hand was concealing legal things and urged her to remove the hand.

“Umeficha legal things, remove your hand,” Cde Sammy Edambo commented.

Another fan threatened Betty with a law suit for doing injustice to his eyes.

“I can file a case and sue that hand for doing injustice to my eyes…. on the other hand I mean not yours but all the same maybe has saved me from slipping off the heaven avenue.”

An Image of Betty Kyalo
Photo Courtessy: Betty Kyalo. Betty Kyalo with her thighs out and hand at the centre of her legs

The Third Photo

The third and the last photo, Betty posed inside a beach hotel with an irresistible and contagious smile. From the photo, one could see the innocence in her eyes as well as the calm ocean waters.

Her caption for the last photo was slightly different from the others, she talked about how she is good at keeping secret but accused the people she tells her secrets of leaking them.

“I’m good at keeping secrets, it’s the people I tell that don’t know how to.”

Betty Kyalo in a beach hotel
Photo Cortesy: Betty Kyalo – Betty Kyalo in a beach hotel displaying an irresistible contagious smile.

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