Shock as catholic Priest from Bomet endorses the supreme court ruling on LGBTQ right to form an association and get it registered by the NGOs Registration and Regulations Board of Kenya.

Father Ambrose Kimutai of Tegat parish argued that the Supreme Court Judges were in order to recognize LGBTQ rights to belong to an association.

Agreeing with the Supreme Court ruling did not just come as a shocker to the followers of the catholic church but also to the leadership of catholic church which has disagreed with the Supreme Court ruling.

However, in his defense father Ambrose said that he has not differed with the leadership of the catholic church. He also noted that those who went to the court saw the need to have people with different sexualities to have their freedom and right to associate recognized.

“Sijaenda kinyume na kanisa kwa sababu walienda kortini kuuliza kufanya associations. Na korti iliona kuwa sheria ya Kenya, haiwezi kuzuia watu fulani kutofanya associations, bora haipingi katiba ya Kenya,”

Additionally, the embattled catholic priest also noted that the court ruling was not about recognizing same gender marriage rather than giving the LGBTQ community freedom and right to associate since the NGO registration and regulation board had declined to register LGBTQ organizations.

The controversial cleric also requested religious leaders to love lesbians and homosexuals as it is written in the Bible. He also appealed to them to put more focus on bringing up a generation that has values morals.

“Hakuna mahali katiba imepinga association ya homosexuals…kwa nini nipinge mambo ya watu sijui wanafanya nini, hio ni kazi yao na korti ndio imeamua. Tunaenda kuchungulia mambo ya homosexuals ya nini? Tupambane na kazi yetu ya kuchunga familia, kazi yetu ni kufundisha watu,” he added.


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