Musician Akothee confesses she used to go shopping to South Africa for shopping.

On a faceook by Akothee that went viral, Akothee confessed to living a lavish lifestyle to please her fans who were mounting pressure on her.

Emotional Akothee recounted how social media piled pressure on her to live a lavish life as she struggled with finances. Akothee who claimed to have joined Facebook in 2014 claimed to have let social media rule how she should live.

“BE CAREFUL ON WHAT YOU CONSUME ON SOCIAL MEDIA. When I first joined social media back in 2014, I believed everything I saw celebrities posting. I believed everything played was so real, and since I was sincere to myself, I fell in the trap. I ended up buying fleets of cars I dint need at all,” Akothee recounted

The musician also narrated how her mechanics took advantage of her naivety and confused her with terms since she could not keep tabs with what was happening.

“Drivers smiled all the way to their pockets since I could not keep tabs with each and everything. Nilikuwa nasikia tu kaburator is ontop of alternator, engine nock, sijui Glass cylinder imechoma gasket, sijui fan belt imefunga tire I almost grew white hair in my 30s,” she narrated.

Akothee also narrated how fans piled pressure on her not to repeat clothes or even carry a handbag more than once. To keep up with such pressure, she had to go shopping in South Africa.

She stated that she would come back with at least six suitcases full of clothes so that she does not repeat an outfit for to please her fans.

“Fans would push me to not to repeat a cloth twice ,carry a handbag twice ,or repeat shoes twice , it doesn’t matter how expensive it was ,They dont want to see it ., I remember I used to go shopping in South Africa and come back with 6 suitcases
Just to make sure I please my fans so they don’t get disappointed when I repeat cloths,” Akothee added

As she concluded, she advised her followers on how social media can drive someone to depression without one realizing.

“Social media can drive you into depression without you realizing. Detach and own your life, people are suffering to put food on the table, you are suffering to please the sane people. Run your race mama, if cameras could be placed in each and every home,” she said.



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