• Lucy Nduta is a mother to Victor Kanyari and Jackson Waweru.
  • The three have been accused of running fake gospel ministries that con innocent Kenyans their money.
  • Lucy Nduta was once arrested and jailed for two years for lying to a HIV patients of healing.

Lucy Nduta Fake Miracles That Killed HIV Patients

Lucy Nduta together with her two sons Victor Kanyari and Jackson Waweru have all made headlines in relation to fake prosperity gospel and miracles.

Nduta made headlines in 2006 when she was first arrested after it emerged that she had been stage managing fake healing miracles. On arrest, she was charged with six accounts of fraud.

She used to perform fake healing miracles where she would lie to innocent Kenyans who were HIV positive to plant a seed of Ksh 1000 before she could pray for their healing. After her prayers, patients accompanied by one of the church elders would visit a clinic located at Afya Centre for HIV testing and results would be taken to the bishop to declare the patient healed.

Many innocent Kenyans became victims of fake healing, and those who stopped taking their Anti-Retroviral Drugs succumbed to HIV due to increased viral load.

In 2008, she was convicted and jailed for 2 years. After spending two years in jail, she was released in 2010.

Victor Kanyari of Panda Mbegu

Victor Kanyari is a son to Lucy Nduta, he made headlines a couple of years ago after he was exposed by Jicho Pevu. Commonly known as Kanyari, he used to claim that he can sort out all problems including: employment, sickness and family issues.

Jicho Pevu exposure illustrated how the fake ministry run by Kanyari used to defraud Kenyans their had earned money by asking them to plant a seed of Ksh 310 for their problems to solved. It is through Kanyari that Panda Mbegu phrase gained popularity in Kenya.

In a video that was aired by Jicho Pevu, Kanyari was captured coaching witnesses on how to give fake testimonies. The video also captured how the pastor was using potassium permangate which diffuses in water at a very high speed to lie to innocent Kenyans.

Apostle Jackson Waweru Kayole Ministry.

Jackson Waweru is a son to Lucy Nduta and a brother to victor Kanyari and operates a church in Kayole. He was recently exposed by NTV in a series known as Insider, Jackson Waweru evil deeds of trading with anointing oil were exposed.

On the video, he was captured using young men and women to extort hopeless Kenyans their earned money with a promise of performing miracles to sort out their needs.

By Cornelius Murimi

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